[Bug 16140] Suspend To RAM/ Resume broken - Radeon KMS on RV250

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--- Comment #37 from Keivan Moradi <k.moradi at gmail.com>  2010-12-13 05:27:18 ---
I've followed gentoo documentation to enable standby on my workstation. When I
run the command "hibernate-ram" in the console, system turns off but sytem
freeze on resume from Suspend/Standby/Sleep. (monitor show a vertical rainbow)
+ (alt + sysrq + b cannot reboot the system).

hardware:dual xeon motherboard with only one 5540 cpu + very old ps2 mouse and
keyboard + old x300SE (RV370) ati vga
kernel: gentoo-sources (2.6.34 r12) + original kernel drivers.

When I've reconfigured the kernel to do not use ati drivers (I used vesa
drivers instead), suspend work without problem. Now I'm sure there is a bug in
the radeon drivers.

on my next experiment I've configured the kernel to use only ati driver under
direct rendering manager (ie I've removed the ati framebuffer driver) -> this
time system suspends and on resume there is color page with a blinking cursor
but there is no working console. alt + sysrq + b can reboot my box.

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