[Bug 19002] Radeon rv730 AGP/KMS/DRM kernel lockup

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--- Comment #17 from Holger Lenz <holger.lenz at onlinehome.de>  2010-12-13 21:00:06 ---
(In reply to comment #16)
> Holger, your issue may not be the same as Duncan's.  I'd suggest changing the
> AGP mode in your bios or adjusting it or disabling it via the kernel command
> line (radeon.agpmode=-1 to disable, 1,2,4,8 to force the agp mode). It might
> also be related to the latency setting on the host bridge.  VIA boards tend to
> set them pretty aggressively.
You may be right: Still using the patched driver I set radeon.agpmode=-1 and
the system came up with X using radeon and swrast. Seems like radeon.agpmode=-1
switches off dri / the r600 classic driver. A few switches to the fb console
broke the vt session, but I was always able to switch back to X.
Unfortunately I cannot get AGP to work with the radeon driver. Using really
conservative settings in the AGP bridge, the driver still doesn't boot without
radeon.agpmode=-1. I used the following BIOS settings to get moderate timings
AGP Mode=4x
VLINK 8x disable
AGP 3.0 calibration cycle enabled
DBI output for AGP transactions disable

The hardware itself should be pretty stable - I ran a heavy Furmark stress test
under windows to check for robustness.

Any ideas how to debug the AGP issue?
BR Holger

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