[Bug 19002] Radeon rv730 AGP/KMS/DRM kernel lockup

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--- Comment #19 from Duncan <1i5t5.duncan at cox.net>  2010-12-14 03:05:58 ---
Some additional notes, FWIW.  May help compare the two installations, mine now
working with either the original reversion or the new patch, his, not.

1) I've been using 100% KMS since the choice was still in staging.  Last time I
tried radeon.modeset=0 (see comment #9) I had problems and immediately switched
back to KMS, which worked.  My conclusion then was that UMS was being disabled
or at least strongly deprecated, which was fine with me as I prefer KMS, but it
seems that was incorrect and it's still available.

2) No AGP fast-write here at all.  AFAIK it's a chipset errata on AMD 8xxx.

3) 256 MB AGP aperture, half of which is of course reserved for the AGPGART
IOMMU on the AMD 8xxx chipset.  The BIOS allows larger (upto 1GB, which happens
to be video memory size as well), but that was a reasonably late addition to
the BIOS (256 was the previous limit), and for whatever reason I couldn't get
it to work in testing, so I've stuck with 256 MB (128 MB of it AGPGART IOMMU),
which /does/ work.

BTW, /should/ a larger aperture work?  Given that half of it's AGGART IOMMU,
should larger == better?  I've not tested larger recently, maybe it works now?

4) dmesg says AGP v3 device in 8x mode.  Years ago I had problems with 8x and
had to use 4x max, but last I tried, 4x and 8x worked but 1x and 2x were

5) I've been using the classic r6xx/r7xx driver, not the new gallium stuff,
which I've not gotten to work yet.  (On Gentoo, I'm naturally compiling my own.
 At one point it compiled but I wasn't aware then how to switch to it.  Later I
figured that out, but had to turn off LLVM  to get it to compile at all, and I
wasn't surprised when that didn't work.  So I've never actually had gallium up
and running successfully.)

6) I was trying xorg-server (AFAIK, 1.9.3-rc?), but am now back on
1.9.2 stable, as the pre-release throttled DOSBOX performance something
terrible. (I only found out and downgraded yesterday, and haven't filed an X
bug yet.)

7) Further to comment #0/Description, there was a kde image cache bug in early
kde 4.5, fixed with 4.5.4 (maybe 4.5.3).  The comic-strip-plasmoid thing was
related to that, I believe, and is now fixed.

8) It's a bit late to be mentioning this now but something else that could
conceivably be a factor.  Apparently on this old hardware, since kernel 2.6.31,
ACPI and various hardware sensor addresses conflict, and I have to boot with
acpi_enforce_resources=lax or most of my sensors don't work.  I have that
compiled in as part of my CONFIG_CMDLINE, so tend to forget about it.  See
kernel bug #13939 .  The board was long since past its BIOS update period even
back then and I've been unable to find documentation on what sensors drivers
might work in place of the ones that broke, so lax enforcement remains my only
known option if I want sensors output, which I do.  Might that somehow play
into this graphics thing or are they entirely unrelated?

9) Further to comment #13.  I still can't get over how nice it is to (with the
patch applied) have a properly glitch-free OpenGL accelerated X. This is the
/first/ time I've had perfect glitch-free graphics since I upgraded from the
old r2xx based card. In an improvement since comment #11, kwin now comes up in
OpenGL mode without effects disabled (back then I had to manually enable them
once up and running) and invert works fine now too.  2.6.37 has actually been
very stable all around, without the usual assortment of other bugs in the
md/raid system, etc, too.

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