[Bug 19002] Radeon rv730 AGP/KMS/DRM kernel lockup

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--- Comment #21 from Alex Deucher <alexdeucher at gmail.com>  2010-12-14 21:17:59 ---
(In reply to comment #19)
> 2) No AGP fast-write here at all.  AFAIK it's a chipset errata on AMD 8xxx.

It's buggy on all boards.  We don't enable it at all with kms.

> 3) 256 MB AGP aperture, half of which is of course reserved for the AGPGART
> IOMMU on the AMD 8xxx chipset.  The BIOS allows larger (upto 1GB, which happens
> to be video memory size as well), but that was a reasonably late addition to
> the BIOS (256 was the previous limit), and for whatever reason I couldn't get
> it to work in testing, so I've stuck with 256 MB (128 MB of it AGPGART IOMMU),
> which /does/ work.
> BTW, /should/ a larger aperture work?  Given that half of it's AGGART IOMMU,
> should larger == better?  I've not tested larger recently, maybe it works now?

Bigger isn't necessarily better, it just means more pages can be mapped into
the gart.  We default to 512 MB on non-AGP systems.

> 4) dmesg says AGP v3 device in 8x mode.  Years ago I had problems with 8x and
> had to use 4x max, but last I tried, 4x and 8x worked but 1x and 2x were
> broken.

AGP v3 devices only support 4x and 8x modes.

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