[Bug 19002] Radeon rv730 AGP/KMS/DRM kernel lockup

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--- Comment #28 from Duncan <1i5t5.duncan at cox.net>  2010-12-15 06:07:51 ---
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> (In reply to comment #19)
> > 
> > 2) No AGP fast-write here at all.  AFAIK it's a chipset errata on AMD 8xxx.
> It's buggy on all boards.  We don't enable it at all with kms.

Is there, anywhere, any documentation with reasonable information on what
settings in the xorg.conf and radeon manpages no longer apply in xorg.conf with
kms, and what the parallel radeon.* kernel commandline options are?

Either updating the manpages, or a separate kms manpage (with suitable SEE ALSO
section mentions from existing manpages), would be /wonderful/.  Or a kernel
Documentation/radeon.txt or kms.txt file.  (And, couldn't all the kernel
display/graphics related Docs be moved into a display/graphics/video subdir? 
Seems about time.)

Because I really feel like a blind man simply poking things to see what
happens, reverse engineering what shouldn't need to be, if you will.  Plus
chance comments like this, giving me info I had no idea about.  Surely I'm not
alone, and a good many "bugs" could be eliminated if people only knew about
various available settings.

> > BTW, /should/ a larger aperture work?  Given that half of it's AGGART IOMMU,
> > should larger == better?
> Bigger isn't necessarily better, it just means more pages can be mapped into
> the gart.  We default to 512 MB on non-AGP systems.

Thanks.  Useful information.

> > 4) dmesg says AGP v3 device in 8x mode.  [L]ast I tried,
> > 4x and 8x worked but 1x and 2x were broken.
> AGP v3 devices only support 4x and 8x modes.

Now if only that were documented in the manpages... =:^(
It does explain why modes below 4x wouldn't work, tho. =:^)

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