[PATCH 0/9] TI DMM-TILER driver

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Thu Dec 16 05:34:05 PST 2010

On Monday 06 December 2010, David Sin wrote:
> Tiling and Isometric Lightweight Engine for Rotation (TILER) driver
> =====
> Dynamic Memory Manager (DMM) is a hardware block made by Texas Instruments.
> Within the DMM exists at least one TILER hardware component.  Its purpose is to
> organize video/image memory in a 2-dimensional fashion to limit memory
> bandwidth and facilitate 0 effort rotation and mirroring.  The TILER driver
> facilitates allocating, freeing, as well as mapping 2D blocks (areas) in the
> TILER container(s).  It also facilitates rotating and mirroring the allocated
> blocks or its rectangular subsections.

How does this relate to DRM/GEM? I don't understand too much about graphics
drivers, but it does sound like there is some overlap in functionality.

I guess at the very least the DMM should live in drivers/gpu/ instead of
drivers/misc, but perhaps it could be integrated more closely with the
existing code there.


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