[Bug 28800] [r300c, r300g] Texture corruption with World of Warcraft

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I played around with the tmu texture cache region assignment code, read the
corresponding part of the r3xx register manual, and deduced the following:
- you must assign different region for different textures
- assigned regions must not overlap
The existing code guarantees none of these, especially if there are partial
updates (which are quite common). The texture corruption is the result of the
tmu loading different textures into the same cache area (possibly in different
formats), and only one of them won't be garbage. This only applies to r3xx and
r4xx, because r5xx ignores this parameter and assigns cache automatically.

My patch doesn't guarantee anything either, is meant to be a proof-of-concept
(or more like a hackload of hacky hacks), that almost completely fixes
texturing in ut2004, vastly improves the situation in etqw (the corruption
occurs only on strogg architecture and vehicles instead of almost everywhere),
and changes nothing in googleearth. Doom3 would also be a good test, but it
crashes since I increased GART from 64MB to 256MB.

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