[Bug 28800] [r300c, r300g] Texture corruption with World of Warcraft

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Thu Dec 16 16:37:34 PST 2010


--- Comment #23 from Chris Rankin <rankincj at googlemail.com> 2010-12-16 16:37:34 PST ---
(In reply to comment #22)
> My attached patch is IMHO significantly better than the previous one.

The patch may be flawed, but it greatly improves WoW as well. I've just run
around a couple of "texture hotspots" without noticing any problems, although
the console log has been warning me of "trouble ahead" a fair bit as well.

I would say that the patch is definitely heading in the correct general
direction. (Although it doesn't apply cleanly to git. Perhaps it was made
against altered sources?)

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