[Bug 32455] Crash with mame using OpenGL with newest Gallium on Radeon 4350

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Fri Dec 17 23:24:32 PST 2010


--- Comment #3 from Chris <bitbytebit at gmail.com> 2010-12-17 23:24:29 PST ---
That patch makes yours go a bit further than my backtrace did, I had patched my
gentoo ebuild similar to what that patch does by skipping the NULL buffer at
the first point.  It did the same thing for me as your backtrace after doing
that, seems the buffer being NULL is not just easy to avoid but probably to
find why it is NULL (seems to be whatever builds the VBO is skipping the first
array member or something like that).  I'm using the same Gentoo ebuild too, on
mine it works fine also if you switch to Classic from gallium with ebuild mesa
set r600 classic but another person with the same card using my exact same
build on a LiveCD I am using has Mame barely run at all at .001 fps and just
show a black screen for glxgears.  It's suspiciously stopping at the same point
in the mame output, but I'm not sure why in Classic on my card it runs

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