Freescale Linux BSP review

Piotr Gluszenia Slawinski curious at
Wed Dec 22 10:39:13 PST 2010

> So to say that the corporate world might need to consider Open Source to
> be competitive and survive, but the reverse is not true i.e. Open Source
> doesn't _require_ the corporate world to survive.

i agree with it fully, and to support this claim i want to remind the
simple rule of capital accumulation. Open Source community
_already_ accumulated enough _capital_ in form of algorithms, 
implementations, social relations, experience, documentation and
augmentation with education system .

it can survive just fine without corporate world, while
logical relationship with organisations whole main purpose of existence
is creating profit, is to gain profit from such relationship itself.
otherwise it would be bit like Faust would just give his soul away 
completely free... and everyone knows it's not the point while dealing 
with devil.

i also understand reluctance of some people about such deals -
despite huge gains , one can loose very important things,
and end up escaping from small print obligations.
sometimes it is better to make slower, but steady progress instead.


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