[Bug 32687] XBMC software video renderer is faster than OpenGL video renderer

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--- Comment #1 from nguyenthetoan at gmail.com 2010-12-27 12:24:25 PST ---
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> I have an integrated AMD760G graphic card. I use the latest r600g driver from
> xorg-edgers package repository for ubuntu Lucid. 
> My most important OpenGL software is XBMC. It has three video renderers:
> Software, ARB or GLSL. I notice (using the debug information of XBMC) that the
> Software renderer is actually the fastest one, then ARB and finally GLSL. I
> guess something is not well optimized in r600g with regard to video rendering.
> This is especially true for 1080p video (sometime I get only 12-16fps using
> OpenGL renderers while CPU usage is still only 50%. Software renderer could do
> 24fps with 100% CPU.).
> FYI, I also have another similar desktop, but with ATI X1650 PRO card. On this
> machine, using the r300g driver, the GLSL renderer is fastest (also similar to
> ARB renderer) and is faster than the Software renderer. So, r300g is well
> optimized with regard to video rendering.
> I file this bug hoping the developers could spare sometime optimize r600g for
> video rendering.
> Thanks a lot

I forgot to say, I have an AMD athlon 64 X2 dual-core CPU 4800+ (2.5GHz).

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