Radeon 3650HD laptop LVDS lid open/closed detection problem

Francisco Jerez currojerez at riseup.net
Mon Jun 21 07:53:55 PDT 2010

Jerome Glisse <glisse at freedesktop.org> writes:

> On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 03:31:19PM +0300, Pasi Kärkkäinen wrote:
>> Hello,
>> After fixing the dvi/hdmi detection problem I now have another problem
>> with the HP EliteBook 8530p, which has Radeon 3650HD adapter.
>> Here's a summary of the environment:
>> 	- laptop connected to a docking station.
>> 	- external display in use, connected with DVI to the dock.
>> 	- laptop lid closed, so internal LVDS display is not used.
>> Now, when I start the laptop, I can see the BIOS and grub on the external DVI display.
>> All fine so far. I select the Fedora 13 kernel, and Linux starts. I see the Fedora
>> graphical boot on the external DVI display, just like it should be. GDM login prompt
>> appears on the external DVI display, still everything fine.
>> And then it goes wrong. After I login to X, the external display only shows the background
>> picture.. it turns out the desktop stuff has been started to the internal LVDS display,
>> which shouldn't be used at all since the laptop lid is closed!! 
>> When the laptop lid is closed, and external display is connected, I want to use only the external display..
>> Any ideas how to troubleshoot this one? 
>> -- Pasi
> It's better to open bug when you face issue rather than mail, as it's
> harder to track information in mail thread than in a bug. Your issue
> is not easily fixed because there is many laptop with broken acpi which
> report wrong lid status (some of them always report lid closed what ever
> is the lid status, other always report lid open, ... i am not expert on
> how broken this is but from what i have been told i should rather consider
> drinking than trying to look into it and then go to the drinking step).
> Bottom line is that lid detection is unreliable thus so far we ignore
> it silently. I think the plan is to monitor lid status change and if
> we detect change from either open to close or close to open then we
> can start assuming that acpi lid status is reliable and act accordingly.
In Nouveau we report connector_status_unknown for closed lids (On the
kernel side unknown outputs are left disabled unless there's nothing
else definitely connected: if lid detection doesn't work at all the
system will still be usable). This would solve your problem if we made
the X server set the first output known to be connected as RandR

In short, I see two different "bugs" here:
 * radeon reports connector_status_connected when the lid is closed.
 * the X server doesn't select a primary output among the definitely
   connected ones.

> Cheers,
> Jerome
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