[Bug 28671] Seg. fault and Oops with Radeon KMS (v2.6.34) on PPC ATI Radeon AGP r420 JH.

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Sun Jun 27 16:46:46 PDT 2010


--- Comment #19 from Brett Witherspoon <brett.witherspoon at comcast.net> 2010-06-27 16:46:46 PDT ---
What I meant by "no input" is that the monitor is detected as dmesg does not
complain about no connected monitors and I am able to find the correct monitor
EDID in the /proc/devices-tree/pci at ... directory, but the monitor doesn't seem
to be receiving input as it switches between digital and analog and then goes
into standby. So would this mean the dac and tmds controllers are wrong? 

The other night I thought I would do a little mix/match experimentation with
the different ddc, dac and tmds options you mentioned. I was able to find those
4 ddc symbols in the source and how I use them, but the dac and tmds lines I
have yet to figure out. It was getting late and I found the declarations I
need, but I have not yet been able to determine how to use them. I guess I need
some more examples.

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