Problems with running Mesa Demos EGL_DRI2 - OpenGLES

Clurado cl clurado1980 at
Wed Nov 3 11:04:26 PDT 2010

Hi all , please sombody tell me is egl_dri2 capable of working without x
window ?!

i set the EGL_PLATFORM=drm , EGL_DRIVER=/usr/lib/egl/

when i want to run screen demos from mesa egl , opengl es 1 , i got
following errors :

libEGL debug: dlopen(/usr/local/lib/egl/
libEGL debug: DRI2: could not get parent device
libEGL debug: EGL user error 0x3003 (EGL_BAD_ALOC) in DRI2 : failed to get
driver name

EGLUT: failed to initialize EGL Display

so whats wrong ?!
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