[Bug 31364] New: [r300g] CS section size missmatch start at (../../src/radeon_textured_videofuncs.c, R300PrepareTexturedVideoCP, 2184) 66 vs 62

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Wed Nov 3 13:29:09 PDT 2010


           Summary: [r300g] CS section size missmatch start at
                    turedVideoCP,2184) 66 vs 62
           Product: Mesa
           Version: git
          Platform: x86 (IA32)
        OS/Version: Linux (All)
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: medium
         Component: Drivers/Gallium/r300
        AssignedTo: dri-devel at lists.freedesktop.org
        ReportedBy: xeros at irc.pl

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 --> (https://bugs.freedesktop.org/attachment.cgi?id=40021)

After an hour or so (maybe less) I'm getting /var/log/kdm.log full of errors:
CS section size missmatch start at
(../../src/radeon_textured_videofuncs.c,R300PrepareTexturedVideoCP,2184) 66 vs
CS section end at

and Xorg process CPU usage gets to near 100% even or P4 with HT so KDE desktop
gets almost unresponsible (wating for few seconds for almost every operation).

At system boot everything is OK - Xorg CPU usage for few percent sometimes even
less, kdm.log doesn't have such errors but after some time using KDE desktop
(no matter if there are KWin effects or not) the problem as described above

The problem occurs from at least commits from 2010-10-27 (I'm testing r300g
from xorg-edgers/radeon ppa). I haven't noticed this problem before but before
that date I've used Kubuntu 10.10 + r300g from xorg-edgers/radeon ppa booted
only from pendrive for hour, maybe sometimes some more time between reboots and
now I use the same configuration installed on hard disk.

libgl1-mesa-dri and glx: 7.10.0~git20101101+gallium.ad00a92e-0ubuntu0tormod
and 7.10.0~git20101027+gallium.3acc8265-0ubuntu0tormod before.

Kernel: stock *buntu 10.10 2.6.35-22-generic
Xorg: 1.9.0-0ubuntu7
libdrm2: 2.4.21-1ubuntu2.1
libdrm-radeon1: 2.4.21-1ubuntu2.1

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 32bit with HT
Graphic card: Radeon 9600 AGP (RV350) 256MB
OS: Kubuntu 10.10

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