[Bug 702] Radeon only supports a maximum point size of 1.0.

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--- Comment #6 from Daniel Richard G. <skunk at iskunk.org> 2010-11-05 11:06:09 PDT ---
This bug still exists on r200, and possibly Radeon generally.

I've modified mesa-demos-8.0.1/src/trivial/point.c with a glPointSize(16) call
right before glBegin(GL_POINTS), and attached screenshots of the window it
produces on both r200 and i915. The latter is correct, the former illustrates
the bug. I get proper output using Nvidia's driver as well.

This bug is affecting Wings3D for me similarly to how it affects Maya for the
original reporter; the program cannot display visible vertex points on mesh
wireframes, and isolated vertices are all but impossible to see.

This behavior is inconsistent with other DRI drivers, and is particularly
egregious on hardware (ATI FireGL 8800) that was purpose-built for CAD
applications. This is not a request for enhancement, but a straight-up bug.

I am running Ubuntu Maverick on amd64 with kernel 2.6.36 plus Alex Deucher's
patch from bug #25544, and Mesa packages from Ubuntu's xorg-edgers/radeon PPA
built from git 20101103.

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