[Bug 702] Radeon only supports a maximum point size of 1.0.

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--- Comment #11 from Roland Scheidegger <sroland at vmware.com> 2010-11-06 07:05:57 PDT ---
(In reply to comment #10)
> Your patch applies cleanly to 7.7.1, and indeed, it makes the points big! The
> modified "point" demo, "pointblast" (only w/"Point smooth off"), and Wings3D
> all now do as they should. Should I test your patch with bleeding-edge code?
That should still work the same.

> I don't know what to make of the patch tweaking generic code instead of driver
> code, but it surely solves the problem for me. Could this, or some form of
> this, be committed into the tree?
I think either this should be commited or instead it should be handled by the
driver and the DD_POINT_SIZE flag completely removed as it's currently just
broken. Since the plan initially was to remove the whole _TriangleCaps stuff
and r200 is the only driver which makes use of this particular flag I'm leaning
towards the latter.

In fact, the driver is quite broken anyway wrt point size, since with vertex
programs you could output the point size per vertex, but the driver might still
use the 1-sized point primitive, since _TriangleCaps DD_POINT_SIZE only looks
at the global point size. But I really have no idea why the driver tries to use
the point primitive instead of point sprite for 1-pixel points, otherwise it
would be easiest to just always use point sprite prim (at least for aa points)
which would get rid of both bugs.
(The other DD_POINT flags are also problematic - well DD_POINT_SMOOTH is not
but that one just directly mirrors ctx->Point.Smooth. But DD_POINT_ATTEN is
also meaningless with vertex programs. i915 uses this and at a quick glance I
don't think it gets it right neither.)

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