[Bug 702] Radeon only supports a maximum point size of 1.0.

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Wed Nov 10 11:50:58 PST 2010


--- Comment #14 from Daniel Richard G. <skunk at iskunk.org> 2010-11-10 11:50:58 PST ---
Many thanks for getting that in! I'll give the new code a try once the PPA is

So r100, at the hardware level, doesn't support point sizes larger than 1.0.
"Fixing" this bug, then, would require implementing a software emulation of
point sprites (as was suggested in the original circa-2003 bug discussion). I
suppose this might be worthwhile if it were a cross-driver facility, such that
it would benefit any hardware that lacks large-point powers. But for r100
alone, I think it's reasonable to point out that the problem is not in the
software. WONTFIX sounds fine to me.

For reference, the aforementioned commit---plus the one that drops
DD_POINT_SIZE as well as DD_LINE_WIDTH---are viewable here:



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