[Bug 30152] [r300g] kwin blur effect is not working

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Wed Nov 17 07:21:48 PST 2010


--- Comment #9 from Clément <dieppe at yopmail.com> 2010-11-17 07:21:47 PST ---

I did a git bisect (only on src/gallium, I have some problem doing it for the
whole mesa since it doesn't compile :

radeong_dri.so.tmp: undefined reference to `operator delete[](void*)'
radeong_dri.so.tmp: undefined reference to `operator delete(void*)'
radeong_dri.so.tmp: undefined reference to `operator new[](unsigned long)'
radeong_dri.so.tmp: undefined reference to `__cxa_pure_virtual'
radeong_dri.so.tmp: undefined reference to `__gxx_personality_v0'
radeong_dri.so.tmp: undefined reference to `vtable for
radeong_dri.so.tmp: undefined reference to `vtable for
radeong_dri.so.tmp: undefined reference to `vtable for

(ca088cc277ce9f986693c857f3961dc0e1a4d91c and previous)).

Anyway, here is the partial result:

4f51762b070854901b48e461b76f614da414868d is the first bad commit
commit 4f51762b070854901b48e461b76f614da414868d
Author: Jakob Bornecrantz <jakob at vmware.com>
Date:   Thu Aug 12 13:51:39 2010 +0100

    gallium: Link DRI drivers with g++ and test with CXX

    New shader compiler need libc++ runtime. This works already if
    we are using llvm so this just covers the !llvm case.

:040000 040000 bb2d7003cbdb5dc4aa8b173d1137c2461e255d76
e6558a2a178ab07006ab69cb9326278de84b817c M      src
[clement at euryphaessa mesa]$ git bisect log
# bad: [09547e1bcee7df3444dd8682770d1b31da1a5822] r600g : add basic loop
# good: [1cb92fb92e69b5b138293398a98665c2a3c63a5b] translate_generic: factor
out common code between linear and indexed
# good: [e01a49af61a4d56800b1ad672959ba7a88c1da1e] r300g: Remove unnecessary
git bisect start '09547e1bcee7df3444dd8682770d1b31da1a5822'
'e01a49af61a4d56800b1ad672959ba7a88c1da1e' '--' 'src/gallium/'
# bad: [d843bbfd3f92d5afea665c3ff16bcca0628f2e7b] r600g: fix DB decompression
git bisect bad d843bbfd3f92d5afea665c3ff16bcca0628f2e7b
# bad: [bed9dff9d94e33d34340183d7cb633869dcb4f90] u_debug_describe: use switch
instead of if chain
git bisect bad bed9dff9d94e33d34340183d7cb633869dcb4f90
# bad: [076c53879b90855ecf38602584f22e4ab6db7569] r600g: update comments about
ALU src operands
git bisect bad 076c53879b90855ecf38602584f22e4ab6db7569
# bad: [1c2a44e445fa4d3bd6f95d9c63041c222268724a] r300g: fix context destroy
under hyperz
git bisect bad 1c2a44e445fa4d3bd6f95d9c63041c222268724a
# good: [ecec6df9cfe74dbd16f072bc4bbcd90374f8d2c8] r300g: fix assert in the
rasterizer block for r3xx-r4xx
git bisect good ecec6df9cfe74dbd16f072bc4bbcd90374f8d2c8
# bad: [1d22923fae7f4c749b3820844110e3d8ee4d26c0] scons: Link talloc.
git bisect bad 1d22923fae7f4c749b3820844110e3d8ee4d26c0
# bad: [3a3cdb909da5b02edf921fcb5a009dfc2868d23d] scons: Build the new glsl2
git bisect bad 3a3cdb909da5b02edf921fcb5a009dfc2868d23d
# bad: [4f51762b070854901b48e461b76f614da414868d] gallium: Link DRI drivers
with g++ and test with CXX
git bisect bad 4f51762b070854901b48e461b76f614da414868d

Also, I noticed that the blur effect never worked perfectly: it works if you
put the strength of the effect <= the average strength (you can choose the
strength of the effect in systemsettings, the more it is set, the more it's
blured (yeah, really, crazy huh?)). Otherwise, you see artifacts. Dunno why
though, but just thought it might be a pointer. 

Ah, and last thing, I run kde 4.5.75.

Voilà, if you need anything else, don't hesitate, I'd really like to have the
blur effect working, it's way more beautiful.

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