git repos, r600g prerequites

Marius Gröger marius.groeger at
Thu Nov 18 05:20:40 PST 2010


I find the various git repositories for drm sometimes a little 
confusing. For example, what is the difference between d-n and d-c-n? 
Maybe it would be a good idea to fill out the gitweb information for 
each each repository. Currently they all report "Unnamed repository; 
edit this file to name it for gitweb."

I'm asking because I want to know which repo would be suited best to try 
r600g. I'm on an RS780G and have the xorg-edgers X and mesa packages, 
x86_64. About half a year ago

   LIBGL_DRIVERS_DIR=/usr/lib/dri/gallium glxgears

used to work, but for a while know this will instantly and horribly 
corrupt the screen, crash the system, and reboot. So I would like to 
make sure I'm using the right drm base for my experiments. I would also 
be interested in any other prerequites r600g requires.


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