[Bug 31732] X crashes with "X: radeon_texture.c:682: radeon_store_teximage: Assertion `0' failed."

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Fri Nov 19 11:44:04 PST 2010


--- Comment #8 from Alex Schuster <wonko at wonkology.org> 2010-11-19 11:44:02 PST ---
Okay, so I compiled kernel 2.6.36-tuxonice-r1 with KMS enabled. During boot,
very soon after I entered my LUKS passphrae, the screen blanks. It comes back
when X has started. X and direct rendering sort of work, but syslog shows some
kernel nullpointer dereferences, I get only 50 frames with glxgears - quake3 is
not playable at all.

When I activated gallium again and restarted X, I I got a blank screen only. I
deactivated gallium and restarted X (I had entered a command that would do this
automatically after 2 minutes), and I got the KDM login screen, but no mouse or

BTW, with and without KVM, with and without gallium, I cannot switch to a text
console most of the time. Surprisingly, at this moment it just works, no idea

I will avoid KVM for a while, and try newer X.org versions again. Or the fglrx
driver, but that did not seem to work either when I tried it some days ago. But
I did not reboot, I only unloaded the radeon module, maybe that was the
problem. I had fglrx running before I switched to radeon 2 months ago (as I
never had any success with the radeon driver before), but that seems to have
some memory leak, and my system was very slow. So I was happy when radeon
finally seemed to work. I had many artifacts when scrolling, especially when
KDE4's desktop effects were enabled, that went away with my the latest update
of X.org. But from then on I had the random crashes, today I had two already.

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