[PATCH 0/4] Urgent vmwgfx fixes.

Thomas Hellstrom thellstrom at vmware.com
Fri Oct 1 01:21:47 PDT 2010

These are fixes that should, if at all possible, make it into 2.6.36.

They are extracted from the previous patch series, "vmwgfx updates".
I will respin the rest of the patches for possible inclusion into drm-next.
I've renamed some patches and added some comment to emphasise the
fixes in them rather than what's actually being done with the code.

Patch 1 fixes vt switching while 3D objects are active. Previously the device lost all state at that point.
Patch 2 enables the vblank system and avoids a lot of uninitialized calls (kernel crashes)
Patch 3 removes a workaround for dev::devname the current code caused a kernel crash at module unload then dev::devname was beeing kfreed when it was actually static.
Patch 4 Fixes a bo pinning error causing severe rendering corruption.


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