[Bug 27744] atombios stuck in loop - during suspend

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Sat Oct 2 03:44:46 PDT 2010


--- Comment #31 from peterle at hottemptation.org 2010-10-02 03:44:45 PDT ---
Yesterday I installed the new 2.6.36-rc6:
In the most cases I got "stuck atombios" as always after S3 (Suspend to RAM)
and resuspend.
But again at one time the system immediately resuspend, without "stuck
atombios" and the operations on the TTY1-6 seem to draw text or graphics slower
as normal (normal ~ realtime). After a second suspend/resuspuend cycle the
wakeup need 10 sec and I got two time "stuckatombios" in the dmesg-output - it
feels like the system "catched up its missing delay while wakeup" from the
first time.

After this second suspend the reaction time while drawing text or image on the
TTYs was normal again.

And doesn't seems to be reproductive, I don't know why.

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