[Bug 27744] atombios stuck in loop - during suspend

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Thu Oct 21 03:28:30 PDT 2010


--- Comment #33 from Tobias Kaminsky <tobias at kaminsky.me> 2010-10-21 03:28:29 PDT ---
Kernel: 2.6.36

$dmesg |grep atom
[    3.186893] ATOM BIOS: Sony
[ 5155.577112] [drm:atom_op_jump] *ERROR* atombios stuck in loop for more than
5secs aborting
[ 5155.577115] [drm:atom_execute_table_locked] *ERROR* atombios stuck executing
CD14 (len 67, WS 0, PS 0) @ 0xCD43

Right after booting the scrolling is smooth, but after hibernate to ram it is
Sometimes it evens hangs while scrolling in Firefox...

01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ATI Technologies Inc Redwood [Radeon
HD 5600 Series] [1002:68c1]

xorg-server: 1.7.7

Should I try a newer one?

Thank you

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