[Bug 30960] [r300g][glsl] Texture corruption in Xonotic with lightmaps

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Sun Oct 24 13:08:36 PDT 2010


--- Comment #33 from Tomasz Czapiewski <xeros at irc.pl> 2010-10-24 13:08:36 PDT ---
Chris, yours suggestion was right!
I've installed libtxc_dxtn.so some time ago as some apps (games) could use it.
After removing this library the problem with rainbow colors/texture corruption
in my case was resolved. The other workaround is to enable option 'Avoid loosy
texture compression' in Xonotic menu which disables use of S3TC DDS textures.

And that what Marek has suggested about texture corruption with high detail it
was right, too but it didn't look like on those screenshots.
I've found this problem when I've run Xonotic with KDE KWin desktop effects
enabled and without libtxc_dxtn.so - not only the big FPS drop but there were
many different problems with textures (black textures, black and white
textures, black and white noise, screen smoothing with no textures, etc.).
Disabling KWin desktop effects + using lower quality textures + removing
libtxc_dxtn.so (so it disables GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc and GL_S3_s3tc
extensions) altogether does make the problem disappear.

And for texture formats that Xonotic needs - it uses JPG and TGA textures but
DDS compressed textures, too and I'd like to use them as I could use better
quality textures as I think it needs less RAM/VRAM(?) to handle them. And
better quality textures compressed as DDS does not make any FPS drop. And most
commercial games need S3TC.

So IMO, it does look like it's a duplicate of 28800.

Is there any chance to get this bug with libtxc_dxtn.so fixed to properly
handle DDS compressed textures?

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