[Bug 30960] [r300g][glsl][libtxc_dxtn] Texture corruption in Xonotic with lightmaps

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Sun Oct 24 14:00:48 PDT 2010


--- Comment #36 from Tomasz Czapiewski <xeros at irc.pl> 2010-10-24 14:00:47 PDT ---
So, the problematic textures are dxt1_rgb and/or dxt1_rgba.

I've done some more testing and I've saw that when I have 60 FPS the problem is
gone with S3TC+lightmaps (all textures are OK, no matter what I'm looking at on
the map) but when the FPS gets dropped to 30 FPS the problem arrives or when
the problem arrives I get FPS drop to 30(?).

I wonder if the problem is with library or the S3TC handling by the driver
I wish I could enable S3TC on r300g without this library (as it could be done
with r300c) to check if the textures sent to the card without software recoding
library will have simmilar effect.

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