[Bug 25544] KMS/R200: No texture bound to unit 1

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Tue Oct 26 13:04:12 PDT 2010


Alan Swanson <swanson at ukfsn.org> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
            Summary|KMS/R200: CS section size   |KMS/R200: No texture bound
                   |missmatch start at          |to unit 1
                   |(r200_state_init.c,tex_emit |
                   |_mm,703) 5 vs 9             |

--- Comment #9 from Alan Swanson <swanson at ukfsn.org> 2010-10-26 13:04:11 PDT ---
Not as far as I'm aware unfortunately. Texture checking came in with the KMS
rewrite IIRC.

(Updated bug summary to match problem.)

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