[Bug 33038] [RADEON:KMS:R600C] celestia crashes radeon_cs_gem.c:181: cs_gem_write_reloc: Assertion `boi->space_accounted' failed

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Sun Apr 3 07:37:41 PDT 2011


--- Comment #8 from aceman <acelists at atlas.sk> 2011-04-03 07:37:41 PDT ---
The original report was with celestia 1.6.0. Now with version 1.6.1 and a Qt4
build, it starts up fine. It may be because the default value for "Texture
resolution" is Medium. When toggling this to High (it means celestia loads
other higher resolution texture files (jpg/png images)) it crashes again.
However, the crash happens only at certain planets, i.e. toggling to High while
viewing Mercury works fine. When moving to Earth, it crashes before displaying
it. The highres texture for Mercury is 4096x2048px. The texture for Earth is
This radeon hardware should support 8192px textures, it is also shown in
Help->OpenGL info. It also worked fine before Mesa 7.10 (and some devel version
of 7.9).

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