Lenovo resume from suspends hangs in i915_gpu_busy or so

Norbert Preining preining at logic.at
Mon Apr 4 07:16:52 PDT 2011

Hi Jesse, hi everyone,

ok, I give up for now. 

On Fr, 01 Apr 2011, Jesse Barnes wrote:
> Well I'd start with something like 2.6.37, I think that's the first

2.6.37 suspends and resumes fine, even with X running

Then I recompiled 2.6.39-rc1 with our patch and suspended,
resume took 1min (exactely!) and worked out. I got a lot of the
warning messages, every five seconds the DRM_ERROR msgs from
the patch.
[   52.069753] [drm:i915_gpu_busy] *ERROR* entering busy check, trying to take lock
[   52.071813] [drm:i915_gpu_busy] *ERROR* got lock, returning current busy status
[   52.074233] [drm:i915_gpu_busy] *ERROR* unlock & return
[   57.074194] [drm:i915_gpu_busy] *ERROR* entering busy check, trying to take lock
[   57.076270] [drm:i915_gpu_busy] *ERROR* got lock, returning current busy status
[   57.078717] [drm:i915_gpu_busy] *ERROR* unlock & return

The resume was probably hanging at something different. I am not at 
the laptop now (travelling with a ifferent laptop), but it was:
	r8169: cannot apply firmware patch 
or something similar. It was always ... resume ... 60sec hang ...
then this message and "resume of devices completed" or so in the dmesg

So I thought it might be that the patch changed a bit of timings 
but recompiling *without* the patch and rebooting I get now the
same behaviour: Suspend and resume works, although hanging for 1min
before coming back.

I guess that means we can close that problem for now.

Sorry for the noise. If someone has an ide awhere to search for
the "cannot apply firmware patch" problem please let me know.

Thanks and all the best


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