[Bug 32982] Kernel locks up a few minutes after boot

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Tue Apr 12 11:34:57 PDT 2011


--- Comment #3 from Bart Van Assche <bart.vanassche at gmail.com>  2011-04-12 18:34:48 ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> Is this a regression?  Did previous kernels work ok?  If so, can you bisect?

Yes, it's a regression - 2.6.38 and run perfectly on the same system.

I haven't had much luck with the bisect though - halfway bisecting I
encountered a commit that made my system unbootable because reassembling the
RAID1 /boot partition failed. The log I have so far is:

$ git bisect start 'drivers/video'
# good: [521cb40b0c44418a4fd36dc633f575813d59a43d] Linux 2.6.38
git bisect good 521cb40b0c44418a4fd36dc633f575813d59a43d
# bad: [94c8a984ae2adbd9a9626fb42e0f2faf3e36e86f] Merge branch 'bugfixes' of
git bisect bad 94c8a984ae2adbd9a9626fb42e0f2faf3e36e86f
# good: [da49252fb0392d8196833ef3da92e48fb371f8d7] Merge branch 'for-paul' of
git bisect good da49252fb0392d8196833ef3da92e48fb371f8d7
# good: [bf5f0019046d596d613caf74722ba4994e153899] video, sm501: add I/O
functions for use on powerpc
git bisect good bf5f0019046d596d613caf74722ba4994e153899
# good: [6b794743b2c5e21825d35b5d5dd57d6fcc388198] unicore32 framebuffer fix:
get videomemory by __get_free_pages() and make it floatable
git bisect good 6b794743b2c5e21825d35b5d5dd57d6fcc388198

unknown because of boot failure: 21cd72e7cb424f1686855602ec0fdc6e5830f249

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