[PATCH] Big endian support for RV730 (Gallium r600g)

Cédric Cano ccano at interfaceconcept.com
Fri Apr 15 09:20:40 PDT 2011


Here you are a patch that adds big endian support for rv730 in r600 
gallium driver.

I used the mesa-demos to test the driver status on big endian platform. 
Except with demos using accumulation buffer, the rendering is the same 
as on Intel platform. Albeit there are still some artefacts with some 

I manage to fix accumulation buffer demos but then, glReadPixels demos 
won't work. I still can figure out (like with r600c) what and when I 
must enable swap. It will depends on object's domains. That's what I 
tried to do in r600_cb and r600_create_sampler_view.

Reviewing of the patch would be greatly appreciated.

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