Problems caused by commit 6803ed69994a14824081adbf1b58fd21a9966215 to 2.6.38-rc5

Bob Gleitsmann rjgleits at
Sun Apr 17 12:40:27 PDT 2011

Good day, night, or whatever,

The above mentioned commit which changed the flags passed to nouveau_gem_new to 
domain creates a problem in nouveau_notifier_init_channel (in 
nouveau_notifier.c) when it calls nouveau_bo_pin with the domain flags. That 
function seems to want TTM_PL_FLAGs. If this problem is not fixed, notifier 
allocation during channel allocation goes awry the kernel thinks that the gpu 
is locked up and switches to software fbcon, and X is gone. The solution is 
obvious. However, I am not clear on what the original purpose of the patch was 
nor why the TTM placement flags and the NOUVEAU placement flags are reversed for 
GART and VRAM. I'm not saying there isn't a good reason, I just don't know 
what it is. The choices are:
1. Revert the patch
2. Add code to nouveau_notifier_init_channel to pass the TTM_PL_FLAGS to 
3. Change nouveau_bo_pin so that it accepts the nouveau domain flags, and fix 
every place that nouveau_bo_pin is called (not all that many) to give it the 
flags it will then expect.
4. None of the above

Maybe this is only a problem with earlier cards. I have a 6800 Ultra. It's 
hard to believe that no one else noticed it for a month as it's pretty difficult 
to ignore.

Best Wishes,

Bob Gleitsmann

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