[Bug 33542] radeon: Don't read BIOS in VRAM on SPARC64

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Jason Detring <detringj at gmail.com> changed:

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--- Comment #1 from Jason Detring <detringj at gmail.com>  2011-04-18 06:47:24 ---
Wow, I really messed this report up.  I mistakenly copy-and-pasted the wrong
kernel version from another Radeon bug I'm toying with.

This particular dmesg block and patch was from the drm-2.6 tree, on the master
branch (2.6.36-rc6, aka drm-2.6-899611e), which is neither current for the main
linux-2.6 tree nor the sundry drm-2.6 staging branches.  Oops.

The current drm-2.6-e001978 tree seems to bring up a framebuffer console with
no patching necessary.  There's something wrong with the command processor, so
all acceleration is disabled, but that's a topic for another ticket.

Closing this ticket, sorry for the noise.

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