i915/kms/backlight-combo mode problem (was: Re: Linux 2.6.39-rc5)

Melchior FRANZ melchior.franz at gmail.com
Sat Apr 30 01:32:04 PDT 2011

* Takashi Iwai -- Saturday 30 April 2011:
> I remember vaguely that the value zero could be interpreted as the max.

> Also, with the patch, does the backlight level can be adjusted
> correctly to different values?  I wonder whether LBPC adjustment
> really works or not on your machine.

> +			if (!lbpc)
> +				lbpc = 0xff; /* max value */

This change does *not* work on my machine. The screen stays black

Yes, backlight adjustment generally works on this notebook, but only
with "acpi_osi=Linux" on the command line.


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