[Bug 33790] [r300g] Black windows with opengl apps (ex. glxgears)

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Fri Aug 5 10:06:56 PDT 2011


--- Comment #4 from speps <dreamspepser at yahoo.it> 2011-08-05 10:06:56 PDT ---
With newer 7.11 release, this bug is still present.
I managed to solve this by creating an .drirc file with:

    <device screen="0" driver="dri2">
        <application name="all">
            <option name="vblank_mode" value="0" />

It works in the same way with vblank_mode setted to 0 or 1,
seems like vblank_mode is unsetted by default and cause the blank output.

Btw, glxgears FPS is still low with about ~400 FPS and glxgears_pixmap
gives an even slower 2 FPS.

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