[Bug 39683] radeon "hd6770 flex" dpms fails to unblank one display sometimes

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Sat Aug 6 03:45:40 PDT 2011


--- Comment #7 from aaron <chainsawbike at gmail.com> 2011-08-06 03:45:40 PDT ---
i checked the settings and found nothing, so i decided to switch the displays
around to see what happens...
original layout (1):
dvi -> 1
hdmi -> 2
dp -> 3

layout 2:
dvi -> 2
hdmi -> 1
dp -> 3
ran xset dpms force off via ssh
all 3 turned back on but "3" was distinctly after 1,2
(under setup 1 they all turn back on at about the same time the second time
xset -q says displays off
same result every time

layout 3:
dvi -> 3
hdmi -> 2
dp -> 1
same result as layout 1 but it starts  at a different point in the loop -
xrandr says display on but display 3 is off immediately after starting X

it may have something to do with a race condition relating to the speeds the
dislays "start" ( i probably have no idea what i am talking about...) as when
setting up xorg.conf if i used "right-of" it complained about missing modes or
something - it only worked as i expected it to when "left-of"'d from display 3
will investigate further in the next few days

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