[Bug 40622] [radeon] - kms wrong resolution mode used after backlight on/off switch

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Mon Aug 8 08:43:16 PDT 2011


--- Comment #13 from Torsten Krah <tkrah at fachschaft.imn.htwk-leipzig.de>  2011-08-08 15:43:11 ---
Oh didn't know this may be possible, my fault, sorry.
If X console is not active all seems to work find - resolution stays the same,
so it seems to be a Xorg only problem.
Do you have any hints, docs links or tipps how to find the "one" who talks to
the Xserver to know to whom to report this issue - the kernel seems to be the
false place, sorry for this false report - but didn't know better and it seems
only to be a issue in kernel 3.0 - 2.6.32.x did not have the issue afaik - so
to me it seemed to be the new kernel ;-) - sorry; btw thx for input and help -
guess can be marked as invalid.

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