[Bug 36934] screen corruption after running a game

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> (In reply to comment #6)
> > I observed that this corruption is often accompanied by these messages on the
> > console from which I start a game:
> What exactly does 'often' mean? If it's not always, it probably can't (fully)
> explain the problem...
Well, 'sometimes' might have been a better word. I don't think it explains the
problem either, just mentioned it for completeness' sake.

> A couple of random things to try would be radeon.agpmode=4 and =-1, disabling
> tiling, ... Trying a newer kernel and possibly r300g driver probably wouldn't
> hurt either.
Now I'm using kernel 3.0, compiz runs on mesa 7.10.3, and I start games with
mesa from git. The problem still exists.

The interesting thing is that palettes also seem to be changing: the border
lines of areas in Qt windows change their colors (mostly into purple or green),
the names in the chat window change colors in kopete, and the colors in
gnome-terminal become different (all text become the same color).

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