KMS resume sequence

Yeh, Sinclair sinclair.yeh at
Wed Aug 10 11:58:49 PDT 2011

After my system sit idle for a while, my driver gets the following calls to turn off display:

I then use the keyboard to resume.  Upon resuming, I can see two calls:  crtc_set_config, and crtc_load_lut.  The display remains turned off because I am not getting calls to encoder_dpms or connector_dpms.  As an extra data point, currently I am using drm_helper_crtc_set_config(),  and I've noticed that both mode_changed and fb_changed are FALSE, which means set_config is not going to try and set a mode or update the mode base.

Regardless of what set_config is doing, since KMS used dpms functions to turn off the display, I'd expect it to use them to turn them back on.  If this is not the case, then can someone let me know where the expected place to turn the display(s) back on may be?



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