Empty /proc/dri/0/bufs queues -

Vipin vj358 at nyu.edu
Thu Aug 11 14:08:55 PDT 2011

Hello all,

*I think the first message got discarded, posting a second one*

I have been trying to study the radeon open source driver and have some 
questions after turning the debug flag on.

System Information ---------------
uname -a
Linux gilubuntu1 3.0.1vipindebug #1 SMP Thu Aug 11 11:17:24 EDT 2011 
i686 GNU/Linux

kernel option - drm.debug=1
glxinfo | grep rendering
direct rendering: Yes

lspci -vvv | grep ATI
01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV710 [Radeon HD 
4550] (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])
     Subsystem: ATI Technologies Inc Device 0104

lsmod - relevant entries
ttm                   110688  1 radeon
drm_kms_helper         49424  1 radeon
drm                   317625  5 radeon,ttm,drm_kms_helper
agpgart                56250  2 ttm,drm
i2c_algo_bit           10782  1 radeon
Question 1.
Empty /proc/dri/0 bufs, queues files
Is this an expected behavior ?
I have tried generating extensive 3D workloads, but the file remains empty.

Question 2.

There are two directories 0 & 64, what does the 64 entry signify ?

Question 3.
The contents of /sys/kernel/debug/dri/0 contains 15 radeon_ib_00xx
Does this mean, the card has 15 indirect buffers ? Also, does this 
interface shows me the ringbuffer data like i915.

Question 4.
The kernel log shows entries like these (massive amounts)
Aug 11 13:19:01 gilubuntu1 kernel: [ 4251.705377] [drm:drm_ioctl], 
pid=1544, cmd=0xc0086464, nr=0x64, dev 0xe200, auth=1
Aug 11 13:19:01 gilubuntu1 kernel: [ 4251.705394] [drm:r600_irq_set], 
r600_irq_set: sw int

Shouldn't it have other debug entries other than these two ?

Thank You

Vipin Jain

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