[Bug 13170] Macbook 5,2 only boots with acpi=off, or nosmp, or maxcpus=1

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--- Comment #63 from Francisco <flopezluro at gmail.com>  2011-08-17 00:51:30 ---
Hi, I've been following this bug for a while since I've a macbook 5,2. I've
been able to use linux (ubuntu) with refit+grub-efi+nvidia driver for a while.
Last week I reinstalled everything, Snow Leopard, Win7 and Ubuntu natty,
everything works PERFECT using the same approach.

Today, I've upgraded the RAM, from 2 to 4 Gigs (removed 2x1Gb and put 2x2Gb).
Linux doesn't boot anymore with refit+grub-efi, only using maxcpus=1 or
acpi=off (still with Nvidia). The ram is OK, passes memtest86+, and win and
snow leopard work without any problem. If I remove ANY one of the memory chips
(1x2Gb 800Mhz) linux can boot again with grub-efi.

I guess this is probably a problem of grub-efi, but as it is related I wanted
to post it here, sorry if it's the wrong place.

Here you can see the boot error from grub-efi when booting with 4Gb.

Please let me know if you want me to test anything in particular.
I have Natty with Nvidia 270.41.06, with uname -r: 2.6.38-10-generic

Sadly now I have to give up one CORE for 2gb of extra RAM :(


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