[Bug 13170] Macbook 5,2 only boots with acpi=off, or nosmp, or maxcpus=1

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Sat Aug 20 05:30:04 PDT 2011


--- Comment #66 from dentament <l_done at tiscali.it>  2011-08-20 12:30:02 ---
I've found out the cpu frequency scaling bug I mentioned in my comment is not a
bug (well, not a linux bug): it's a macbook "hardware feature" (or flaw?: I
can't understand why it's set up this way) to lock the 2 cpu cores to minimum
speed (1.60ghz) if the battery is not present, as in my case (I removed it
since I mostly use the laptop as a desktop and wanted to preserve it).
With the battery mounted, the frequency scaling behaves normally.

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