[Bug 34493] New: r600g performance regression introduced by 467023e8 ( Marek Olšák : r600g: use the same upload buffer for vertices, indices, and constants)

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Sat Feb 19 22:45:10 PST 2011


           Summary: r600g performance regression introduced by 467023e8
                    (Marek Olšák: r600g: use the same upload buffer for
                    vertices, indices, and constants)
           Product: Mesa
           Version: git
          Platform: x86-64 (AMD64)
        OS/Version: Linux (All)
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: medium
         Component: Drivers/Gallium/r600
        AssignedTo: dri-devel at lists.freedesktop.org
        ReportedBy: dawitbro at sbcglobal.net

As detailed in Comment 6 of bug 34156, I found this regression in Mesa 7.11-git
while trying to pin down another performance regression a few commits earlier.

I was able to create a local branch where I was able to reverts 4 commits from
a series by Henri Verbeet, which restored performance to the level which
existed before that series was introduced.  Performance remained high after the
4 reverts until commit 467023e8 was introduced.

Reverting this commit (in addition to the 4 mentioned in the other bug report:
077c448d, 7687eaba, 1fa95c7f, and a77e813d) restores performance.  All further
Mesa commits through the next 10 days (up to the HEAD I have currently, which
is fd8d4b32 of Feb. 18) are working fine.

I am using r600g on 64-bit Linux, with the following hardware + software:

Hardware:  Radeon HD 5750 (Evergreen JUNIPER)

  kernel 2.6.37 (+ radeon cherry-picks from drm-fixes)
  libdrm 2.4.23
  xorg-server 1.9.4
  xf86-video-ati 6.14.0

If I can provide any further info/assistance, just let me know.

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