[Bug 32511] glDrawPixels broken on savage

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Thu Jan 6 15:15:01 PST 2011


--- Comment #7 from Tormod Volden <bugzi09.fdo.tormod at xoxy.net> 2011-01-06 15:15:01 PST ---
I googled up a discussion I had 9 months ago and have totally forgotten about
(scary), which points to format reworks causing the regression:

11:50 #dri-devel: < tormod> when a GL-application splats blue spots into other
windows (savage, no compiz), is that likely a drm bug?
11:52 #dri-devel: <+ajax> savage! retro.
11:54 #dri-devel: <+ajax> it's likely to be a bug in the dri driver
12:28 #dri-devel: < eosie> how large are these blue spots?
12:29 #dri-devel: < tormod> eosie, I'll try to get a screenshot
12:34 #dri-devel: < tormod> eosie, http://imagebin.ca/view/ZNojCc4.html
12:38 #dri-devel: < eosie> cool
12:40 #dri-devel: < agd5f> tormod: tiling issue
12:41 #dri-devel: < agd5f> I suspect somthing isn't using the right aperture
12:42 #dri-devel: < agd5f> IIRC, savage had several apertures exposed via the
12:42 #dri-devel: < agd5f> the first was the linear view, the others were tiled
12:45 #dri-devel: < tormod> I am not using that savage laptop much any longer,
but I think this is new since mesa 7.6
12:45 #dri-devel: < agd5f> tormod: I'd guess a problem is the savage span code
12:46 #dri-devel: < agd5f> *in
12:46 #dri-devel: < tormod> where is the span code?
12:46 #dri-devel: < agd5f> savage_span.c
12:46 #dri-devel: < agd5f> IIRC
12:47 #dri-devel: < agd5f> but it's been ages since I looked at savage
12:47 #dri-devel: < tormod> it's been ages since anyone looked at it :)
12:48 #dri-devel: < agd5f> probably one of the format reworks broke something
12:54 #dri-devel: < tormod> yes I remember format reworks broke some other
stuff, that got fixed

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