[PATCH 0/25] drm/radeon/kms: Add support for NI (Northern Islands)

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at gmail.com
Thu Jan 6 18:19:10 PST 2011

This patchset adds support for evergreen+ based NI asics (Barts, Turks,
and Caicos).  It includes full acceleration (2D and 3D) for these asics.
Mesa 7.10 or git master and xf86-video-ati from git master are required.
There is no support for UMS, KMS is required.

The 3D engine on Barts, Turks, and Caicos is based and evergreen and is
programmed similarly.  The big change is the display block (DCE5) which
includes new features such as improved color correction, HDMI 1.4a,
and DP 1.2.

New ucode is required and is available here:
The vbios no longer loads the MC (memory controller) ucode during asic
init, so the driver now has to load it.

Support for Cayman (Radeon HD 69xx asics) is in progress, but not yet ready
for release.


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