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Tue Jan 11 07:13:13 PST 2011

is the 8GB->24GB, but it still has 4GB->8GB free - so it can launch one more
guest (but without PCI passthrough devices).

> On a 4GB machine or less, that would be the same as kernel memory.
> Now, if 4 guests think they can allocate 2GB of coherent memory
> each, you might run out of kernel memory on the host?

So host in this case refers to the Hypervisor and it does not care
about the DMA or what - it does not have any device drivers(*) or such.
The first guest (dom0) is the one that deals with the device drivers.

*: It has one: the serial port, but that is not really that important
for this discussion.
> Another thing that I was thinking of is what happens if you have a
> huge gart and allocate a lot of coherent memory. Could that
> potentially exhaust IOMMU resources?

<scratches his head>

So the GART is in the PCI space in one of the BARs of the device right?
(We are talking about the discrete card GART, not the poor man AMD IOMMU?)
The PCI space is under the 4GB, so it would be considered coherent by

However the PCI space with its BARs eats in the 4GB space, so if you
have a 1GB region from 0xC0000->0x100000, then you only have 3GB
left of DMA32 zone.

If I think of this as an accounting, and if the PCI space goes further
down (say 0x40000, so from 2GB->4GB it is a E820 gap, and 0GB->2GB is System RAM
with 4GB->6GB being the other System RAM, for a cumulative number of 4GB
of memory in the machine), we would only have 2GB of DMA32 zone (The GFP_KERNEL
zone is 4GB, while GFP_DMA32 zone is 2GB).

Then the answer is yes. However, wouldn't such device be 64-bit? And
if they are 64-bit, then the TTM API wouldn't bother to allocate pages
from the 32-bit region, right?

> >>/Thomas
> >>
> >>*) I think gem's flink still is vulnerable to this, though, so it
> >Is there a good test-case for this?
> Not put in code. What you can do (for example in an openGL app) is
> to write some code that tries to flink with a guessed bo name until
> it succeeds. Then repeatedly from within the app, try to flink the
> same name until something crashes. I don't think the linux OOM
> killer can handle that situation. Should be fairly easy to put
> together.

Uhhh, OK, you just flew over what I know about graphics. Let me
research this a bit more.

> /Thomas

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