[Bug 26812] Radeon module causes hard reset on modprobe

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--- Comment #4 from Michael Evans <mjevans1983 at gmail.com>  2011-01-16 05:57:33 ---
I noticed something when looking at the files in /lib/firmware/radeon to make
sure I had /all/ the correct ones in place.  BARTS*, which wasn't in my config
(I copy/pasted an example for that section without paying it much attention,
and wouldn't have remembered which chip codename I had anyway.) when added
allows at /least/ drm-next to work correctly.

There are two outstanding issues I noticed however.
1) When the firmware isn't found the module very un-gracefully reboots without
//any// explanation (no information provided to lead to enlightenment). 
Correct behavior should be to fail gracefully and provide a clean message in
the kernel log without taking the system fully offline.

2) the EXTRA firmware line has a size limit.  I didn't look at what it was
exactly, but it can't contain the expansion of cd /lib/firmware; ls radeon/* ;
a more preferable solution might be to allow the use of shell wildcards (or
document that they are evaluated).

I am --not-- marking this as resolved since the first issue is still a major
problem (it makes this error non-trivial to diagnose for no good reason).

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