[Bug 18872] Radeon KMS r100 and STR problems

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Sun Jan 16 16:06:09 PST 2011


--- Comment #8 from Richard Mittendorfer <delist at gmx.net>  2011-01-17 00:06:05 ---
Thanks for looking into this. It's the same behavior w/ and w/o Xorg. At the
process the backlight goes off shortly but remains lit during suspend. The
goes black and stays black when out of suspend. Some flickering on/off when
entering and leaving STR. There's short harddrive activity when coming out of
suspend. Also, suspend- and power-led blink/lit as they are supposed to. The
is then locked up, not reacting to keyboard input or even sysrq. Hard power off
I've seen it coming back out of suspend halfway sane (post on lkml) but that
hardly ever happens. The only known workaround for me is to go with nomodeset
(and loose 3d acceleration as well).

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