[Bug 33175] Crash in memcpy in r600_dri.so while playing Minecraft

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> > Classic. What's the difference? And how would I figure out what version?
> > 
> glxinfo, unless you're running 32-bit Java on 64-bit Linux. You'll probably
> want to try to reproduce it with the current git version of the driver though.

Okay, I rebuilt xorg-drivers with the debug flag, and now I'm getting this:

java: vbo/vbo_save_api.c:221: map_vertex_store: Assertion
`vertex_store->buffer' failed.

in the terminal when it crashes like it did before. A quick google search shows
that this error is actually a known bug of Minecraft, but it also shows up in
Oolite and probably elsewhere.

Oddly enough I seem to be unable to use ATI's opengl, I have to use mesa. I
don't know if that is any help.

Addr2line doesn't seem to be able to give useful information from the non-debug
drivers, and I haven't tried it on the new ones because I don't think the
addresses would be the same. I'm still not quite sure how to attach gdb to the
java process to attempt to debug this, but I'm looking.

I'll attach a dump of my glxinfo.

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