[Bug 33272] Kernel DRM/Radeon KMS BSOD on HD6850-NI

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Wed Jan 19 15:31:09 PST 2011


--- Comment #4 from Erdem U. Altinyurt <spamjunkeater at gmail.com> 2011-01-19 15:31:09 PST ---
I don't create initrd by hand. Used make install to install code and initrd
doesn't have any radeon modules.So initrd doesn't have ucode. But I thought
that is just for boot with radeon module loading. I don't use that feature. 

AFAIK Since I do not load radeon module on bootup, It's doesn't necessary to
have those files in initrd and load from /lib/firmware/radeon/ directly.

Does it requirement that having ucodes in initrd for running NI class cards? My
internal 790GX GPU could woth with KMS without any ucode and modules in initrd.
(At least with 2.6.37, I don't test it with 2.6.38-rc1 and 790GX disabled from
bios since HD6850 plugged in).

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